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16th May 2019
Blue Ridge Parkway About

All About The Blue Ridge Parkway

Many resident of Lynchburg and surrounding areas know all about the Blue Ridge Parkway, how it got here and why it is here. But, many residents are newer to the area and may not have had the time to properly explore it. In this article we will go over some of its history and other information.

The Parkway runs 469 miles from Virginia to North Carolina. It is used by millions of people every year. The well kept road runs from the Central to the Southern Appalachian Mountains. 

Work began on the parkway under Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1935 and was originally referred to as the Appalachian Scenic Highway. On June 30, 1936, Congress formally authorized the project as the Blue Ridge Parkway and placed it under the jurisdiction of the National Park Service.

Most of the work was performed by private contractors and paid for by the U.S. Government. Some of the work was managed by agencies created under the famous New Deal

The Parkway has 26 rock tunnels, one of them is in Virginia and the other 25 are in North Carolina. The final project associated with the completion of the BRP was in 1987 and the entire project took a total of over 52 years to complete. 

The Parkway covers some 93,390 acres of land. The two largest cities near the Blue Ridge Parkway are Roanoke, Virginia and Asheville, NC. 

You can camp, bike, hike, ride your motorcycle and do just about anything nature related on the BRP. Many naturalists consider it to be one of the most important roads in all of the USA and a hidden treasure to many not from the area. 

Looking for a beautiful and scenic drive that will take you into the winding mountains? Find the nearest on-ramp to the BRP and get driving. Get started now. You will be glad you did!