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12th April 2013

Buffalo Wings at Stoney Badger Tavern

As the hot summer approaches, cool down with a beverage at The Stoney Badger Tavern and heat right back up again with our wings! We offer something for everyone from heat levels ranging from A Touch of Heat (available in a variety of seasonings: mild, teriyaki, grilled parmesan caesar, grilled ranch, brown sugar bourbon, and spicy grilled parmesan), Slight Heat (available in Medium, Spicy Grilled Ranch, Grilled Mesquite, Honey BBQ, Spicy Sweet and Sour, and Lemon Pepper), Extreme Heat (Hot, Spicy Badger BBQ, Spicy Thai, Firey Inner Harbor, Garlic Pepper, and Seven Pepper), and all the way up to Ouch!! (available only in ‘deathly evil’).

The idea of buffalo wings originated out of Buffalo, New York where there they are referred to just as “wings.” There are five unsubstantiated stories as to the birth of the Buffalo wing with four pointing to the creator’s as Teressa and Frank Bellissimo, owners of the Anchor Bar in the 1960’s. The couple’s son, Dominic Bellissimo, has given two accounts of the humble beginnings of the Buffalo wing.

One version, which Dominic told to a reporter with the The New Yorker, starts on a busy Friday night. Patrons were buying numerous drinks and Teressa and Frank wanted to do something nice for their guests. They decided to feed their mostly Catholic customers just after midnight when they would be able to eat meat again, so Teressa whipped up the tasty dish. The other story, according to Dominic, begins again on a Friday when he was tending bar. A group of his college friends came by Anchor Bar for a late night visit and were soon looking for something to eat. Teressa, cooking in the kitchen, brought the boys out two plates of the wings. The other two stories range from the dramatic: Teressa cooking up the wings for her and Frank during a mad Buffalo snow storm to keep from starving to the more mundane; a wrongful delivery of wings to the bar, instead of throwing them out Frank asked Teressa to come up with something. What can be agreed on from the wing’s origin is that they were deep fried and tossed in a cayenne hot sauce.

As you can see from above, The Stoney Badger Tavern has branched out from that original recipe, offering nineteen different ways to give our wings a try! You can even get mix and match flavors and dipping sauces (blue cheese and ranch are available). A Stoney Badger patron recently reviewed our wings on Google as the best in Lynchburg. We invite you to judge for yourself, come on down and try ’em out!