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2nd October 2020
Live music Lynchburg va 2020

Live Music in Lynchburg – October 2020

To many people – myself included – there is no better way to listen to music than to listen to it live. The subtle changes in a song, when played live, make it unique and one of a kind. There is certain energy that exists at live shows, which is why some of the largest venues of people ever assembled in one outdoor event are music festivals:

  • Rod Stewart at Copacabana Beach, 1994 (4.2 million people)
  • Jean Michel Jarre in Moscow, 1997 and in Paris, 1994 (3.5 million & 2.5 million respectively)
  • Garth Brooks in New York, 1997 (750,000 people)
  • Summer Jam at Watkins Glen, 1973 (Grateful Dead & Allman Brothers – 600,000 people)

This month we have two great shows for you at The Stoney Badger Tavern in Lynchburg, Virginia. 

October 17, 2020: Loud – Vocals: Cory Akers Drums: Chris Doyle Guitarist: Johnny Cook Bassist: Brent Kawamura Band manager: Kathy Jenkins Stage staff: Steve Cook, Tommy Johnson Lynchburg Livings Best of 2019: Best multi-genre band and second place over all.

October 31, 2020: Applebutter – Apple Butter Soul is one of the region’s most electrifying Jazz, Funk, and R&B bands. The group features Josh Brinkman on alto and tenor sax, Ty Scott on keyboard, Kendall Kress on Trumpet, C.T. Bailey on bass and guitar, and Fred Jackson on drums.

If you have been cooped up all summer and want to come enjoy some good live music come to the Badger on Old Forest Road.