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24th September 2020
Mudpuppy's original bar

Stoney Badger Paying Homage to Mudpuppy’s in a Very Unique Way

Many of you might remember that before The Stoney Badger Tavern opened in 2010, the building was home to Mudpuppy’s Pub & Sports Emporium. Yes, that was the official name of Mudpuppy’s. It was located at this same location for several years before it closed its doors. In fact, the owner of Stoney Badger Tavern, Burt Taylor worked at Mudpuppy’s for many years. 

Before Mudpuppy’s was at this location, it was located in a strip mall over where Walmart is now. The strip had some very interesting neighbors. They included Jazz Street Grill, Madison Avenue Deli, Isabella’s & Osaka Restaurant. But eventually the entire strip was purchased by Walmart and knocked down so they could develop a new store there. 

Many fun times were had at that original location. The New Years Eve celebration at midnight 1999/2000 was a big one. Champagne all around! It was a jubilant time. 

When Mudpuppy’s moved to the location where SBT is now, plenty more fun was had. All the regulars and much of the staff transitioned over from the old location. All new bar tops were built and the inside was renovated. This is actually the point where today’s story really begins. Burt asked the owners of Mudpuppy’s at the time if he could have the old hand-built bar top from the old location. I guess he is the sentimental type. But that sentimentality would pay off. The old bar would sit in Burt’s basement for years, taking up a large space.

Flash forward many years later and SBT decided to add an outdoor bar area. Guess what bar top they used.. that’s right, the one from Mudpuppy’s! Not only that but they hung the old Mudpuppy’s sign behind the bar just like it used to hang. 

Mudpuppy's original bar

The original bar and sign from Mudpuppy’s

The actual bar

Yes, the actual bar hand made by Bo Walker in 1996.

It’s still got a beautiful shine 25 years later.

So, you are a nostalgic type of person and want to touch and feel the past where you may have been served a drink or two, come check out our back bar. We keep the past alive and pay homage to the sports bar that helped us build what we have today. Mudpuppy’s is still a part of The Stoney Badger Tavern, both literally and figuratively.