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9th May 2013

Stoney Badger Music: Steal The Prize

If you are looking to hear great music played by some extremely talented musicians come on down to the Stoney Badger. One of our regular guests is Steal The Prize.

Steal the Prize, a four member group, have played together since 2006. They released their first album, ‘I Want to Talk to God’ in 2009 and their second album, ‘I Think I Am’ in 2011. They are currently in the studio working on a third album. The guys of Steal the Prize; Ben Delaurentis, Adam Rodgers, Mark Cullen, and Jon Fies, write their own original music and refer to themselves as a “groove-driven rock’n’roll group,” a perfect description. Their music has everything, thought provoking lyrics and creative musicality all with a beat you can dance to.

When seeing Steal the Prize for the first time the number of instruments for a four person band might surprise you. Delaurentis contributes vocals and plays piano, keyboards, and trumpet, Rodgers plays the bass and trumpet, Cullen is on drums and percussion, and Fies plays guitar, organ, theremin (a type of electronic musical instrument), keyboards, and trombone. Steal the Prize are know for their improvisation and do so seamlessly so that no live show is exactly alike. The latest album from Steal the Prize, ‘I Think I Am’ has been fostering great reviews from listeners which is evident in their five star rating on iTunes. Both of the band’s albums are available on iTunes and amazon.com. You can also download some of their songs from their website, stealtheprize.com.

Steal the Prize is currently looking to secure a place at the next Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN. The Bonnaroo website is holding a contest for individuals to vote for their favorite band. As of the writing of this article, Steal the Prize is currently at number eight. Voting is open until April 24th so there is still time to send our local Lynchburg guys to one of the biggest music festivals in the country. Head to http://bonnaroo.sonicbids.com/road-to-roo/ to help them out.

Steal the Prize’s new creed according to their Facebook page is to “Get famous in 2013,” with the talent and sound these guys have they might very well meet that goal. So come on down, have a few drinks and check out Steal the Prize at the Stoney Badger Tavern and you can say you saw them before they were famous!